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Have You Ever Been so Hungry

by Tracy Roberts - copyright 1999, by Tracy Roberts

For almost a minute
I could taste my dream,
I inhaled it like a fine cigar.
It swilled around me like a good drink.
For a minute moment
I was there.
Have you ever been so hungry
for your dreams that you are dangerous?
Everyday, taking not only
one new step
but five or six
up that ladder, into the clouds.

Then in a minute time and space
I return.
Tang and bitterness slides down my throat.
That's my reality.
I take my new steps.
I am hungry,
I am dangerous.


I wear that man's love
like a soldier
wears the purple heart.
Yes, ma'am, he did me wrong
Up and left without a trail
but I would take my love
back to that man
just as quick
as children take to trouble.

Bad news
that man was.
You know those good looking men
always are.
Had so many kids
thought he was trying
to start an orphanage
by himself.

But that man,
that man was just as sweet
after the Black label
got to pouring.

Yep, I keep that man
right here
on my chest
like the purple heart.

The Black Poets

by Tracy Roberts - copyright 1999 by Tracy Roberts

The Black Poets
Confined to a cardboard binding
Black symbols hoisted onto a white canvas
THumbnail flip the pages and each one
resembles the one before it
They deserve greater heights
Carved into the sides of mountains
for all to read
and feel.


I'm holding on
Holding with clenched fists
To his spooted past
There are so many blemishes
It is almost a solid spot

I'm holding
Holding and fighting
Facing my reflection
To love or not to love
To repay
To prey
To bring a sharp blade
somewhere between his blades
but instead
after hours of puffy eyes
and pacing
I get on my knees
to pray

Crystalizing Ideas
If you want it, then you got it. If you think it, then write it.
Silver Threads Among the Gold

My gold has never been worth
a bounty,
I could pawn the shovel
and live like a king's fool.

My silver threads,
not much more.
The color is more of a slate blue,
yarn material.

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