Melissa Brown Levine
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Melissa Brown Levine - A Contemporary Woman For Contemporary Times

Melissa Levine is a poetess as well as novelist and resides in the state of Georgia.
She enjoys works from writers of contemporary women's fiction. A few of Ms. Levine's favorites include Alice Walker, Terri McMillian, E. Lynn Harris and James Baldwin.
Please take a seat on the Crystal Staircase and enjoy the poetry of Ms. Levine. She would also love to hear from you.

Note; Ms. Levine is currently looking for agents or publishers to read her recently finished novel.

"I was put here to create, to share and to love."
- Melissa Levine


by Melissa Levine

i hurt like raging madness.
it consumes. my heart toyed
played upon. molested. over
and con't i to offer it up.
foolish. simple. infected
with this lusting for love in the
form of man.

care give to me in response,
reaction, trade
for adoration, honesty,
monogamy. or do you
spend time on these
no an indicator i chose to
fully aware of my decision
and the alternatives.
options. i rarely fool with
simpler to fix sights, plot,
manuver, and conquer.

yes, my perception
misguided. my behavior
seeking care of my soul
before it consumes me.

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