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    My name is Tracy Roberts. I'm 25 years old and the Mother of a two year old girl. I live in St. Louis and plan on making writing a career.
A few of my favorite authors are Zora Neale Hurston, Erma Bombeck, Sonia Sanchez, Lolita Files, O. Henry and Anita Bunkley. Believe me there are more. I'm trying to get into novels written by men.
I became interested in writing when my eleventh grade English teacher Ms. Rubenelli at University City High School (class of '91) introduced us to the real world of English Lit. She pulled out and dusted off the old white dead stand by authors such as Thomas Jefferson and others like him. For me, literature came alive when she handed out ran off copies of The Guilded Six Bit by Zora Neale Hurston.
At the age of 15 I had been impressed but to think of writing seriously as a future career was definitely out of my thoughts.
I consumed the words on the pages, keeping Hurston's name and the title of her masterpiece with me.
Since then I went on to read traditional classics on my own such as Ring Lardner, Anne Petry and James Baldwin.
I am now an avid reader and loves to talk shop with anyone willing to listen.
I've written feature stories and book reviews for the St.Louis Core newspaper. My poetry has appeared in a couple of anthologies ( that I cannot remember the name of now). This summer I was refered by Anita Bunkley (author of Steppin' Out With Attitude) to review her upcoming rerelease of Emily, the Yellow Rose for
I will keep you uptodate on all of this and get the names so you can check out my work.
Also, I am the "editor" of African American Literature and Poetry at Look for new articles written weekly and great web links.

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My hobbies and interests besides reading and writing include cooking and eating, fishing (although, I mostly just sit and watch), jazz and old school rap (not too old, like Digital Undergroud, South Central Cartel... can y'all remember The Symphony? or The Young and the Restless with B- Girls? Chubb Rock with Just the Two of Us? you get the point).
I love going to local concerts to see jazz, reggea, funk or r&b performed.
Poetry readings are up my alley as well.