Sheila Poole
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Ladies and Gentlemen...The Insatiable, Sheila D. Poole

As an author and a risk-taker, this woman is potent! Sheila D. Poole has written and self-published her first book, He Reedemed My Time.

"I learned after many trials and errors the power and love of God."
- He Reedemed My Time

Poole takes actual events from her own life to stir the minds and hearts of other men and women.

Writing is my gift and I now know that I was truly meant to share it with the world"
- Sheila D. Poole

Sheila is also priming her skills as a motivational speaker to young women.
"I want young women to know the real deal on life. I'm somewhat aprehensive but a calling is a calling. This one is definitely mine."

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